Policies and Guidelines

Testing Positive

Learn more about the policies and guidelines regarding notification and responsibilities in the event an employee, co-worker, or student has symptoms of or is exposed to COVID-19.

COVID-19 Policies

Student Immunization Policy

Emory University will require all students to be immunized for COVID-19 for the fall 2021 semester, with exemptions for those with medical conditions or strong personal objections. At this time, Emory will not require vaccinations for staff and faculty, but it is strongly recommended that all Emory staff and faculty get vaccinated for COVID-19. We will continue to monitor the prevalence of COVID-19 and the presence of variants and will be prepared to adjust our plans in response to evolving conditions and public health recommendations. A copy of Policy 8.17 Mandatory Immunization Requirement and fall 2021 vaccine requirements frequently asked questions can be found online.

Full Student Immunization Policy
Fall 2021 Vaccine Requirement FAQs

What If . . .

What if someone around me tests positive? What you find out and when will depend on your interactions with the person who is ill. Here’s what to expect:

Right to Know

When you are identified as a “close contact” with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, you have a right to know so that you can more closely monitor your own health. You will receive:

• A text message that will instruct you to quarantine until you receive a call from a contract tracer for next steps.
• An email message. You should quarantine until you receive further instructions.

Need to Know

If you have been in a shared space with someone who is ill but you have not been identified as a “close contact,” you might need to know so that you can monitor your health and be assured that you may be contacted if you are a close contact. Look for an email communication from a school or business unit representative.

Want to Know

When others are ill, you might want to know so that you can have an assessment of the Emory community’s overall health and your general risk of COVID-19. You can visit the Emory COVID-19 Dashboard to track cases on our campuses and in our community.

Emory COVID-19 Dashboard