Emory Report
December 7, 2009
Volume 62, Number 13



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December 7, 2009
Looking for the spirit of the season

Photo by Bryan Meltz
The annual Night of Lights celebration at Emory University Hospital ushers in the holiday season.

The power and influence of holiday symbols such as the Christmas tree can evoke either positive or negative reactions, notes John Wilson, Faculty Staff Assistance Program psychologist. Wilson suggests looking for the “spirit” of the season, a time of charity, generosity and self-sacrifice. Added to the usual suspects during the holiday season — pressures to buy gifts, spend time with family, travel, eat unhealthily — may be economic stress due to the recession. Wilson’s advice: Try to maintain an overall lower level of stress by remembering you can’t please everyone, getting daily rest, exercise and proper nutrition, and planning your holiday activities with time for self-care.

— Leslie King