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December 7, 2009
Volume 62, Number 13



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December 7, 2009
Update on workforce reductions

By David Payne

On Dec. 2, Campus Services announced reductions to its workforce and eliminated 12 positions, including one position that was vacant. The staff reductions in Campus Services and other divisions over the past year are part of Emory’s ongoing efforts to reduce operating costs in light of the new economic realities.

Since the economic downturn began in the fall of 2008, Emory has closed or cancelled more than 250 vacant staff positions, and eliminated 211 staff positions that were filled, including several that were eliminated due to lack of grant funding. Of the 211 positions that were eliminated, 134 were eliminated in FY09 and 77 were eliminated since Sept. 1, the start of FY10.

The staff cuts are a significant part of an overall budget reduction of nearly 6 percent in Emory’s administrative units between FY09 and FY11.

For Campus Services, which identified more than 250 cost-cutting initiatives and eliminated 47 positions in April, this latest round of cuts was just as difficult as the first round.

“We regret the loss of talented individuals who have made valuable contributions to our division and Emory University,” says Vice President for Campus Services Bob Hascall. “But unfortunately, these cuts were necessary in order for us to meet our latest budget projections and adjust to new activity levels.” Overall, Campus Services has cut nearly $3.5M from its FY10 and FY11 budgets.

Communications and Marketing, University Technology Services, Development and Alumni Relations, and the University Libraries are among the other administrative divisions that have carried out reductions in force this semester.

“Elimination of these positions was extremely difficult for all of us, and particularly for those whose jobs were eliminated,” says Vice President for Human Resources Peter Barnes. “We did not initiate across the board reductions, but rather asked each administrative division to make their own decisions under a set of guiding principles. The cuts reflect today’s economic realities, and were based on the strategic priorities in respective divisions and anticipated new levels of activity.”

The University continues to provide a generous severance package based on years of service.