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Emory Report serves as an informative, lively and comprehensive resource for news and events of vital interest to staff and faculty. The weekly publication highlights the Emory community’s accomplishments, endeavors and aspirations that reflect the University’s identity and strategic vision. It is published bi-weekly in print and weekly online by the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Emory Report is distributed free to faculty and staff of Emory University, weekly during the academic year; semimon thly May-August.

Publication Schedule: 2009-10

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Emory Report is distributed weekly during the academic year and bi-weekly during the summer months. Deadline for copy is 10 days before publication date for news items and calendar announcements. The electronic version of the paper will be uploaded every Friday before the Monday publication date. If you should have any questions about our web edition, please contact Christi Gray (christi.gray@emory.edu or 404-727-5546). Click here for rack locations.

Emory Report welcomes contributions from readers. Possible contributions include: On Campus calendar items; "First Person" opinion pieces; and general news items. Contact the Emory Report staff by mail at 1762 Clifton Road, Plaza 1000, Emory University, Atlanta, GA 30322; by phone at 404-727-9507; by fax at 404-727-0169; or by e-mail to emory.report@emory.edu.

Emory Report is available off campus via USPS mail for a $36 annual subscription fee.

If you would like a subscription, send your name, address and phone number, and a $36 check made out to Emory University to our mailing address:

Emory Report Subscription
1762 Clifton Rd., Plaza 1000
Atlanta, GA, 30322

For more information, contact Christi Gray (christi.gray@emory.edu or 404-727-5546).