COVID-19 Positive Notification Policy

Effective Date: August 13, 2020

Latest Revision Date: August 13, 2020


Emory University is committed to keeping its community informed about COVID-19 cases among its members for the purpose of transparency, education, and the promotion of disease containment.

Policy Details

Emory University will communicate with its community about COVID positive members in the following ways:

  1. External dashboard – The public-facing COVID-19 dashboard indicates daily the number of students, staff, and faculty with positive tests for COVID-19. For context, information will be provided about COVID positive case counts in the surrounding community as reported by the public health departments. The public-facing dashboard will also provide details about affected buildings and campus impact. The dashboard will be curated by the Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response (CEPAR).
  2. Templated letter communications – When a faculty, staff, or student with recent on-campus activity proves COVID positive, supervisory personnel will communicate directly with all others in the unit/lab/department using letter templates that inform and educate the community, while protecting health privacy.

Emory University will maintain procedures describing the responsibilities of students, staff, faculty, administrative units (Contact Tracing Unit, Student Health Services), and school/center administration to facilitate these processes. The Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response will serve to provide consultation and support to unit and school/center administrators implementing and overseeing these procedures. Procedures include the implementation of a COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Team or officer at each school or center responsible for ensuring that templated communications have been sent and that environmental cleaning has been requested or completed. 

This policy addresses routine notification and communication for the COVID positive cases and clusters of COVID Emory expects will occur in its community during this pandemic. A critical event, such as an outbreak or COVID-19 related death, will be managed by an interdisciplinary crisis management team coordinated by CEPAR in close collaboration with the communications team and university leadership.


All communications must guard the federally protected privacy of affected individuals, and all information shared by Emory officials and their designates is considered confidential employment or student-related health information. The use and disclosure of this information should be conveyed on a strict need to know basis for purposes of responding to the pandemic and assuring workplace and community safety.