COVID-19 Positive Instructional Guides

Last updated: August 2020


To describe responsibilities with regard to notification and communication in the case of a student, faculty member, or staff member testing positive for COVID-19.


All communications must guard the federally protected privacy of affected individuals, and all information shared by Emory officials and their designates is considered confidential employment or student-related health information. The use and disclosure of this information should be conveyed on a strict need-to-know basis for purposes of responding to the pandemic and assuring workplace and community safety.


This document includes the implementation of a COVID-19 risk mitigation team or officer. Each school or unit should establish a risk mitigation team or officer who is responsible for ensuring appropriate handling of COVID-19-positive faculty, staff, and students including communication, reporting, and cleaning.

  • Administrative unit: This may be handled by the HR lead and the business officer. 
  • Schools: The team should include representatives from both HR/CBO areas and areas with responsibility for students. Communications directors should be included. 

COVID-19 Instructional Guides

Use these instructional guides for information regarding notification and responsibilities in the event an employee, co-worker, or student has symptoms of or is exposed to COVID-19.

Campus Resources

Critical Event Preparedness and Response Office (CEPAR)


Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO)


Occupational Injury Management Office (OIM)

404.686.8587, Option 1

Student Health Services (SHS)

Atlanta Campus: 404.727.7551
Oxford Campus: 770.784.8376

Emory Healthcare COVID-19 Information & Nurses Line

404.71.COVID (404.712.6843)

COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Team

Every school/unit will designate a team or officer