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COVID-19 Information for the Emory Community

Emory University has developed guidelines, protocols, and resources for a continued safe living, learning, and working environment.

If You Are Sick or Were Exposed to COVID-19

Find resources, important guidelines, and the steps you need to take.

Navigating COVID-19

Find the COVID-19 guidelines and information you need to stay safe and healthy this semester.


Find helpful resources and policies for staying healthy, learning, teaching, and working through COVID-19.

Emory University COVID-19 Objectives

  1. Limit COVID-19 transmission
  2. Reduce severity of COVID-19 illness
  3. Protect the most vulnerable
  4. Promote a vibrant campus community that supports our academic and research mission

Monkeypox: Protecting Yourself and Others

Please visit the Student Health Services Monkeypox page to learn more about what monkeypox is, how it spreads, its symptoms, and healthy prevention behaviors you can practice.