Transcultural rhetorics (formerly Filipp Sapienza's Culture and Rhetoric site) is a website dedicated to issues of transculturation and communication. Historically, rhetoric has focused on the specific cultural understandings under which speakers and audiences operate. Today, globalization and translocalization movements in immigration, media, finances, ideologies, and technologies are helping people articulate new kinds of cultural identities that derive from non-traditional sources of family, homeland, nation, ethnicity, race and religion. With these changes have come about new assumptions about the nature of rhetorical credibility, audiences, and settings. Founded in 1999, this website is one of the first efforts to address such issues in a virtual community format.

You may read about how I define transcultural rhetoric in the forthcoming volume of essays produced by the Rhetoric-Culture Project conferences, featuring an interdisciplinary panel of scholars for a series of seven conferences in Mainz, Germany. The first conference was held in February 2002. Please join our mailing list "". Send a message to, no subject, and in the body of the message write:

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