McTyeire Makes Way for Campus Life 2.0

Call it the end of an era—and a new beginning. 

Emory’s McTyeire Hall is undergoing demolition, a project that will help provide additional space for the future renovation of the Dobbs University Center (DUC). The leveling of the seventy-four-year-old residence hall marks the formal completion of the 2005 Emory Housing Master Plan. 

The recently finished Raoul Hall, a living and learning community with a focus on social entrepreneurship, was the final step in the creation of a new grouping of freshman residence halls just north of the DUC. With expanded space gained through the new freshman quad, the outdated McTyeire Hall was no longer needed. 

For now, the site will become an open green space. When plans are finalized for a renovation of the DUC to create a revitalized Campus Life Center, the new design may spill over into part of that space. 

But if the spirit of McTyeire Hall remains, it will no doubt be a place that fosters community—as a recent freshman described it, “homey and full of life.”—P.P.P.

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