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Dear Alumni and Friends of Oxford:

In a climate of economic uncertainty we at Oxford are occasionally called upon to explain the value of a liberal arts education. Prospective students and their families want to know that choosing Oxford, with its liberal-arts-intensive program, will help them succeed in the world of work and adulthood. As educators, we know that those who are able to think critically, speak clearly, and write cogently are equipped with the most effective tools for professional and personal success. The Oxford faculty have concluded from decades of experience that a liberal arts education delivers these skills best. So it is gratifying when those who work outside higher education extol that same basic belief.

In a recent op-ed piece, A. G. Lafley, the former CEO of Procter and Gamble, argues that in uncertain economic times a liberal arts education is even more valuable. He cites not only the thinking and communications skills that a liberal arts education gives, but also the opportunities for leadership it invariably brings. In his final statement, he advises businesses that want employees who can navigate constant change to hire liberal arts graduates.

Lafley is just the latest among a large group of executives to testify to the value of liberal arts education. We heard similar comments from three of our young alumni who appear in a video produced by our Office of Enrollment Services. They have chosen different career paths—finance, law, and research biology—but all three speak of how the liberal arts education they began at Oxford has made them more effective in their professions. I invite you to visit Emory YouTube to view these remarkable testimonies.

About the time you receive this publication we will be finalizing our 2012 entering class, renewing once again our commitment to liberal arts education. No doubt you have your own testimony of the power an Oxford education has in the lives of its graduates.

Thank you for your continued support of Oxford College.

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